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Thinking in C++ Vol 1 online Old CP2 Lecture notes

  1. Introductory C++ Notes, exercises and slides
  2. Introduction to Qt slides code
  3. Introduction to Modern OpenGL slides code
  4. The GLSL API slides code
  5. The OpenGL Shading Language slides
  6. The Virtual Camera and Transformations slides
  7. Shading models, lights and materials slides
  8. Object Lifetimes and C++ slides memory slides
  9. Introduction to STL slides code
  10. Textures in OpenGL slides code
  11. Simple Collision Detection algorithms slides code
  12. Namespaces, Exceptions and Files slides code


  1. Particle System base code
  2. Car Demo base code




Previsous exam papers 2012 sit resit

  1. Objects and Instances pdf
  2. Object Lifetimes (singleton pattern) pdf
  3. Dynamic Data and Operator Overloading pdf blog on Operator overloading


  1. Lecture 1 :- A History of the SmallTalk programming language Kay.
  2. Lecture 1 :- Responsibility Based Design Wirfs-Brock


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